Lift Ticket Rates

Lift Tickets for Test Drive Members and for guests are sold at the Lift Ticket Desk during desk hours.

Guest Invitation Forms or Members must accompany their guest when purchasing a lift ticket. You must have a guest form or you will NOT be able to purchase tickets. Signed liability waivers are required of all skiers before a lift ticket can be issued. All forms can be found below or at the Lift Ticket Desk.

Rates are as follows:                                               


Guest Lift Ticket Rates

                             Adult             Teen          Juniors        Child            Seniors 

                           (18 & up)      (13 – 17)        (9 – 12)    (8 & under)    (65 & up)


One Day              $ 82                $ 68              $ 59             $  6                  $ 59


Two Day             $136               $124              $106           $  6                 $106


Add On*                $ 69                $ 60              $ 56             $  6                 $ 56


*All lift ticket prices are subject to the 20% membership guest discount

**Must be purchased consecutively as an add on with a two day pass. Sorry, no refunds or rain checks


Guest Form 

Online Form          Printable Version

Guest Ski Waiver 

Printable Version



Guests must have a Guest Invitation Form, or must be accompanied by a member when purchasing lift tickets. Guests who do not have a Guest Invitation Form or member with them, will not be permitted to purchase lift tickets. We will track each guest’s visit through our computer lift ticket system. We require a valid picture ID from the guest upon their visit. Please remember guests are limited to only one visit per season, even if they are a guest of a different Member.