Golf Tips


Course Management

There is a lesson to be learned in regard to the 1999 British Open. All golfers of every ability should now be aware of the importance of course management while playing their round of golf. Usually, golfers try to hit their shots as far as possible, which is a portion of the object of the game. However, there are times when straight, accurate and shorter shots are preferred. If a player has an excellent short game from 100-125 yards and is playing a par 5, that player should calculate the distance needed to be at that spot after their 2nd shot. For example, on a 520 yard hole the players tee shot is 220 yards. That leaves 300 yards to the green. A player should play to their strength and hit their 2nd shot 175-200 yards leaving 100-125 yards to a potential birdie. Remember, straight and short is usually better than long and in the woods.
Concentration is Key

Concentration can be the secret to a successful game. Many amateur golfers have no system when it comes to concentration. Some waste valuable time thinking about the wrong things before their shot. Often golfers worry about outcomes, which mean they have already passed the important first steps of mental concentration. This type of thought can really cause mental fatigue which may eventually lead to even more negative outcomes. On the other hand you have amateurs who will walk up and take the shot without even thinking about it. This can be just as much of a problem. The key is to find some sort of mental balance. Focus on a smooth swing, be consistent, and don’t try to introduce any new techniques at this point of the game.

Pre Game Warm Up

Be sure to arrive at the course well before your tee time if at all possible. Give your mind and body time to prepare mentally and physically for the round ahead. Take some practice swings and hit a few balls. The key to the warm up is not to rush.