The Wine Club

Greetings Wine Lovers,

Well, we have received over 12” of snow in the past 3 days and that can mean just two things:  Ski season is fast approaching and it’s time for a glass of wine. Please let me know if you would like to participate this year, and for which level.  The details are below.  If you have member-friends who would also be interested, please forward this email to them.  Please let me know if you have questions. ~ Aimee Mali

 The Otsego Wine Club is back!! For each month of the ski season, Otsego Club Members will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a monthly wine program.

 Choose from three different levels. Each level will include a wine package of world-class wines, hand selected by our Sommelier. Wine will be available for pickup at the Club on the first Friday of each month. All of the wine packages will come with an in depth description of the wine, including the ratings of respective publications, food pairing suggestions, cellaring recommendations and other useful information.

  Level 1. Cellarmaster Package:

3 unique bottles of wine each month: $180.00 for the 3 month Package

Level 2. Vintner Package:

6 unique bottles of wine each month: $360.00 for the 3 month Package

 Level 3. Sommelier Package:

12 bottles of wine each month: $720.00 for the 3 month Package

 ~ Level 3 Package will have 2 bottles of each of the six Vintner Package wines ~

~ Pick up days: January 2, February 6 & March 6~

 The Otsego Wine Club is the perfect holiday gift idea for the wine beginner or the fine wine connoisseur and everyone in between. We will be happy to send your Otsego Wine Club printed descriptions so that you may gift wrap and present to the recipient.  Please make sure to let us know that you need the printed materials and we will mail to you by your specified date.

As part of your participation in the Otsego Wine Club, you will receive 10% off additional purchases of the Wine Club monthly wines.

 For additional information, please contact: 248-224-2117 or