Legacy Membership




                As we know, one of the overriding concerns of many of our long-time members is the desire to have their children and grandchildren come up to the Club on multiple occasions as guests.  Unfortunately, the guest policy (as we all well know) only allows guests to come up one time throughout the year.

 To bridge the gap and in furtherance of our desire to become the number one family ski destination in northern Michigan, we have created a Legacy Intermediate Membership, which will allow children and grandchildren of any current, active Alpine, Silver or Gold Members to join the Club as Intermediate Members at significantly discounted rates.   Any current, active Alpine, Silver or Gold Member may sponsor their children and/or grandchildren (ages 21 to 35) to join the Club as a Legacy Intermediate Alpine Members.  All Legacy Intermediate Members will have all the same privileges to use the Club facilities as regular Alpine or Silver Intermediate Members, but will qualify for a reduced rate. 

Below are the rates for the new

Legacy Intermediate Membership:

Alpine Individual - $405

Alpine Couple - $715

Alpine Family - $920

Silver Individual - $875

Silver Couple - $1,230

To qualify, the parent or grandparent of such Legacy Intermediate Alpine Member must be a current, active Alpine, Silver or Gold Member.  If at any time the sponsoring parent or grandparent ceases to be a current, active Member, then such legacy discount will discontinue. 

As you will see, the rates for this new category of Membership are targeted at incentivizing families, as a whole, to choose the Otsego Club as their winter ski destination.  We strongly believe that by fostering the entire family experience, we will significantly strengthen the membership base. 

Please, please, please support us in this campaign!  It only works if we have high volumes of Legacy Intermediates signing up for this program.

Please contact Lisa Hickok at 989-732-5181 ext. 390 or lhickok@otsegoclub.com  to start your Legacy Intermediate Membership


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  *** Legacy Intermediate Members do not qualify for additional discounts (such as 300 Mile Radius Rates).  All Legacy Intermediate Alpine membership dues must be paid in a one-time lump sum.